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For legal reasons, EDF ASSURANCES had to overhaul its historical claims management software within a highly constrained and non-negotiable timeframe (3 months). Managing risks worth tens of billions of euros, any delay would have resulted in tens of millions of euros in penalties. And no functional compromise was possible.

Due to very specific needs in the insurance business, a significant data recovery (following a change of trusted third party), and a sensitive change management process: the deadlines were simply impossible to meet with traditional development. No player could commit to both the duration and the scope of the project. The 3 previous redesign attempts with traditional technologies had failed over several years


> Manage the entire life cycle of the claims management process for the EDF Group within a single software

> Satisfy the expectations of the business with a modernized
 software that can be enhanced over time

> Switch from old to new software in big bang mode

Key points

Operational emergency

Business suitability

Data recovery

At the heart of the IT

Central software
of EDF Assurances

Redesign of 3 other historical software
following this success

Results of the software

made thanks to Faveod


Objective exceeded with the delivery of a functional perimeter 50% higher than the initial request while respecting the constraint of production release within 3 months

Reduction by 10 of the initialization time of a disaster for ERDF
 (from 20 min to 2 min)

100% customized software perfectly integrated to the client's IT

Nombre de points de fonction


Micropole Orbic

Production environment

Java / Oracle