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Case study



In order to meet the growing Time-to-Market requirements linked to the opening up of the energy markets to competition, the CHP branch (individuals, now DMPA) wanted to accelerate the testing and launching of new offers on the market by reducing the time from 18 months to 3 months.

The industrial IS did not offer the flexibility needed to achieve these goals. The difficulty was to integrate with 15 different applications and tp process more than 80 major flows (banks, consumption, partners, etc.). The IT department chose to use Faveod to implement a 100% custom software, with a very broad functional scope, but providing all the reactivity and flexibility needed to test new offers and then market them.


> Reduce IT costs related to energy billing

> Obtaining a better Time-to-Market than the competitors to 
market new energy offers

> Keep control of the IT by being 100% owner of the software source code

Key points



Functional complexity

Scalability and sustainability

At the heart of the IT

Awarded project during
an internal innovation contest

Complete security audit
(software and data-center)

Projet primé lors d'un concours
d'innovation interne

Audit de sécurité complet
(application et data-center)

Results of the software

made thanks to Faveod

+ More than 400 tables, 5,000 fields, 6,000 actions, several thousand business rules: advanced offer parameterization engine, sales workflows, responsive customer space and sales back office, account management, reporting, CRM, custom billing engine, payments, accounting dump, Business Intelligence

Several thousand internal users

Several million customers affected, potentially users of the front-office

Several thousand sales proposals sent per month

100% realized in agile mode

Function points



Production environment

Linux / Ruby / PostgreSQL