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SNCF Réseau needed to improve the sharing of information between the various stakeholders to improve crisis management and reduce the time needed to restore train traffic during disruptions or crises on the national rail network. 
Having a high-performance software was key to reducing the time needed to restore train traffic.

The project to redesign the crisis management tool had been stalled for several years with no real prospect of success:
- difficulty to converge on the needs,
- high technical debt and inability to carry the load,
- high costs.

The operational and human impacts being daily, the general management wished to make it imperative to complete the project within 6 months.


> To have a powerful software that can be used nationally and on the move (smartphones and tablets) that can handle peak loads and share large data (photos, etc.)

> Obtaining excellent user acceptance thanks to exemplary ergonomics that make it easy to learn the software, with a goal of zero training
> Meet security and high availability requirements by deploying the software on existing production environments at SNCF




  • 5 tables of 10 people work in parallel on a common prototype during 2 days
  • At each table, the developer builds the desired features "live" with Faveod Designer 
  • In plenary, the arbitrations are taken easily after presentation of the deliverable of each table
  • Following the multi-hackathons: finalization in Agile mode to integrate user feedback and refine the ergonomics

Key points

Operational emergency

High availability

IT Integration

At the heart of the IT

Qualification of Faveod Designer as an industrial solution

Sensitive software, Platinum level

Results of the software

made thanks to Faveod


A prototype, covering all the functionalities and removing the recurrent blockages, unanimously validated after 2 days of "multi-hackathon"
A Group solution obtained in a few months in hyper-agile mode, in continuous evolution since
Record satisfaction rate of 80%, without user training
Excellent load-bearing capacity with peaks of 36,000 users and additional features
Reduction of traffic recovery times and optimization of passenger information
Technical debt after 2 years of operation repaid in 1 day


Function Points:



Production environment

Java / Oracle


Case study
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