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Case study



The logistics department wanted to overhaul the management of its supplies with very strong constraints of planning and integration with its IT.

The ERP solution they had, although recent, was being bypassed by Excel because it was inadequate. This led to the following problems:
- Significant lack of internal and external exchange capacity,
- Data loss, redundancies, manual reconciliations (multiple Excel spreadsheets...),
- Costly operational losses,
- Risks on the production line, permanent emergency management.


> Optimize purchasing and reduce logistics costs

> Anticipate production variations

>Limit the risks related to the rapid obsolescence of electronic components

Key points

Operational emergency

Business specificity

Return on investment (RoI)

Results of the software

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Complete scope covered in a few months: new SCM (Supply Chain Management) brick integrating predictive analysis specialized on electronic components

Supplier access secured for all exchanges (24 hours a day)

Consistency, confidentiality and integrity of data

Internationalisation de la solution

Return on investment: as soon as the production release was launched

Function points



Production environment

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