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An independent company

Created in 2007 as a publisher and distributor, Faveod is incorporated as an SAS and is fully owned by its founders and management.

A strongly growing turnover

Since its creation, Faveod has posted strong revenue growth and excellent profitability.

A presence in France and abroad

France is the historical home of Faveod. Today, its technology is also used in many European countries and in Africa. Faveod's internationalization became a reality in 2020 with the creation of Faveod Tunisia.



Strong growth and profitability


To guarantee the sustainability of our clients' investments


Security and cybersecurity certifications by many customers


To guarantee the security of produced software at Engie, Orange, SNCF, Thales...


Increase in the number of dedicated service and expertise centers


To strengthen the Faveod ecosystem among our partners (CGI, SopraSteria...) and customers (Accor, SNCF, Thales...)


Focus on sensitive projects with high criticality


To get the most out of Faveod Designer (C3 confidentiality projects at Thales, Group applications with accounting impacts at Orange, platinum projects at SNCF, etc.)


Customer certification as an industry solution
Regular meetings of the Faveod’s Users Group


For clients to share their feedback on projects made with Faveod Designer


Signing of multi-year framework contracts with our clients


To facilitate the purchase of the technology and its generalization in their information system


Opening of the Faveod International branch in Tunisia


To renovate the Tunisian government's infrastructure and address the needs of the African market as closely as possible


Creation of 2 new dedicated Faveod integrators


To increase the availability of experts and skills dedicated to Faveod


Creation of 2 new dedicated sovereign Faveod integrators


Sovereignty and particularly demanding needs will be even better covered.


The founders

Alice Jéru

Managing Director

Alice holds degrees in political and social sciences in France and Germany as well as in international business from ESSEC. For 13 years, she coached several management teams on strategic, managerial and governance issues as well as on their CSR policies. Co-founder of Faveod in 2007 and Managing Director since 2020 in charge of business development, Alice has always had at heart the search for performance in the service of the general interest.

Faveod founders

Yann Azoury


After graduating from EPITA and gaining experience in France and the United States (Apple, Enablon), Yann created the Faveod Designer(R) technology, which he has since perfected. A strong supporter of software freedom, Yann defends through his business model the idea that companies and administrations should be able to get quickly and efficiently — in complete security — business applications, which they own, to serve their missions on the long term.

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