Faveod can be used as a requirements manager as well as a development environment.
From the rules your teams specify in its Web interface, Faveod produces the matching application in an instant, without technical or functional limitations.
This ensures IT and software with best quality, respect for standards and integration.

During development



Every single change in the Designer will automatically and immediately update your application according to the whole ruleset. Having the source code consistent ensures great software quality and avoids producing technical debt during evolutions. Faveod Designer meets the needs for many kinds of users and allows them all to have a great time to market.


Response to change

Following the "Don't Repeat Yourself" philosophy, every rule you give Faveod Designer is reusable at will, on every kind of scope, without using most complex paradigms. Even deep structural changes are made as fast as possible while keeping the code secure and reliable.


As a team

The whole team works all the time on a single common reference frame, without code conflicts. Faveod Designer allows a direct project management style and provides with the most common metrics. It helps communication throughout the team from Users Stories to the most detailed version control abilities. Faveod Designer allows for quick response to changes, along every phase of the software development lifecycle.



Faveod Designer® can import and export UML, or analyse the structure of an existing application and rewrite as Faveod rules. The result of your needs' translation is simple and easy to understand, reusing common concepts. You can then share the work and understanding in your teams and help capitalize development processes.

In production


Performance & Security

Performance and efficiency also make long-term savings. Faveod-made applications rank among the best in Green IT benchmarks. Responsiveness and resource management will help both define and abide by Corporate Social Responsibility policies. Consistently produced source code enforces security. Software engineering best practices and adhesion to standards ensure reliable, robust and structured source code.



Faveod Designer® ensures ROI and fast time to market through software quality and effectiveness. All of this combined allow to reduce TCO dramatically while keeping full control.


Sustainability & Integration

Faveod respects standards client-side (accessibility, older browsers, uncommon terminals) and server-side (OS and database compatibility) and no element is Faveod-specific. The produced source code uses no proprietary sowftware, library or runtime, which make deployment easier too. You can also use Faveod-made applications for SOA and micro-service projects, as they can be used with any standards-compliant middleware or the usual market tools, without more proprietary technology.


100% specific

Every application one can make with Web technologies can be made, pixel-perfect, with Faveod Designer. It's the ideal way to produce innovative applications and with the latest technological advances. Faveod-made applications also provide fully-customizable BI tools.



Continous Agility

Faveod Designer® accumulates all your business and technical guidelines to produce the source code of the corresponding application instantly. Each new evolution will therefore be consistent with the already defined set: this drastically reduces any risk of regression, allowing you to focus on the evolution of your need and not on the problems it might cause.
The project team can therefore accept any changes very quickly, and iterate as many times as necessary this formalisation of the need since all the technical consistency is automatic.


Quick Training

Four days with a certified trainer are necessary to correctly apprehend the tool, to which must be added five days of practice on a real case that are part of the training. This mandatory step is often the opportunity to start a new project that can be deployed in production. Faveod is a registered training organization and is therefore referenced. New Faveod training resources are currently being deployed, contact us for more details.


Continous Evolutions

Needs are multiplying and accumulating, the digital transformation creates new jobs but it is still necessary to ensure the existing, in short the only constant is change. The information system must follow, and even anticipate these evolutions to ensure its relevance and legitimacy. It is therefore essential that each tool should be able to evolve rapidly, without the constraints of a supplier imposing its vision and processes.


Eternal Applications

Faveod's ability to produce the entire application source code, regardless of the target technologies, is the only way to get rid of its technical debt in a sustainable way. For the first time in software development, it is possible to change technology at any point in the project, freeing us from the "bet" of any new project that aims at an architecture and counts on its durability. Any obsolete or unsuitable technology can therefore be replaced according to the needs of the architects and the project.