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Faveod, the first software suite for industrial software development

Faveod can be used as a requirements manager as well as a development environment.
From the rules your teams specify in its Web interface, Faveod produces the matching application in an instant, without technical or functional limitations.
This ensures IT and software with best quality, respect for standards and integration.


Take advantage

Contact our certified partners to benefit from Faveod Designer's advantages. You can contact Faveod directly to find the best way to work together on your projects.


Relevance first

Faveod Designer® allows you to model and produce the most complex and innovative applications, ensuring the best fit and profitability.

Our partners will provide the expertise and relevance in each of their specific domains.
Your application can be made in record time and quality for all.



Faveod was founded in 2007 as a software editor and vendor. It is wholly owned by its founders and management as a french-law SAS. More than 400 projects made with Faveod allowed us to make in 2019 our twelfth profitable year and a rapidly growing revenue (80%).


They trust us


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Precogs is using a Faveod-made application. This solution is extremely flexible and has allowed us to change our needs frequently during development. We have not had a single interruption for 1 year with more than 200 users.

M. Emmanuel Fleury | Logistics DirectorSagemcom